Lea Porsager – Repulsive Enchantment

Sensory \ Vibrations [Facilitated by the Quantum Behavior of A Fruit Fly]
An exploded thought-form, flapping with parts both visible and undetectable. Slimy substances. Savage sensory waves. A pomegranate flower unfolds in red-purple. Internal, spongy palpitation. A magnetically driven, blossoming entity. A sip of rose root [Rhodiola rosea]. Mind-fucked visions spawned by tiny animals and their intimate conversations with the earth’s magnetic field. A virtual quantum organism, seething with Chthonic lust for a rising dawn. Exerting its amorous influence on the structure-to-come, charging the steel with a joyfully parasitic, non-functional attitude. Greeting repulsive enchantment with rampant compassion. An invocation, AKAAAL, AKAAL, AKAAAL. A gravitational contraction. The wet, glossolalic birth of a defiant element. A celebration of what matters with tentacular disruptions and disturbing attractions.